and I became a man EP

by Redwood

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released March 14, 2014

Produced by Jon Horvath and Justin Brix
Mastered by Jon Horvath
Photography by Jenna Bos
Artwork by Chris Poirier



all rights reserved


Redwood Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton, ON.
2013 - present.

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Track Name: Wolves
Something about the way you touched my arm
had me up in arms cause,
There's no way that it was real

City lights are shining just as brightly
As the diamonds in that ring I gave to you last fall

I know we've got it all

We're nourished at the table
Nourished by the words we read before eat
There's power in the words we pray

Wolves are at the door their pinching pennies from our pockets
But they'll never take the love that walks these floors
Track Name: Poem for Spring
Where sunless fields lie bare
My eyes begin to wander
Down stony path and stormy sky
I cannot help be filled with wonder

Barren trees with snowy branches
Groan beneath the load
And my fears are put to rest
As first buds begin to show

You said it good

As my eyes begin to wander
To meadow green and water sweet

I see his face amongst the clouds
and in the ground beneath my feet
Track Name: Bones
I've tried to be good
In the loosest sense of the word
I'm fighting myself for a chance to be
Free from whats holding me back

But it's in my bones
To run away

I've seen beautiful things
Come from people better than me
I've thought long and hard about what I am
All about living for

But it's in my bones
To run away
Track Name: Growing up
When does a boy become a man
Is it when he learns to stop climbing trees
Or when make believe turns to high collared shirts
And bare feet turn to shoes
Is it out with the new

When does a boy become a man
Is it when child like faith turns out to be fake
Or when innocence gives way to common sense
A boy becomes a man
when he loves a woman

Our God in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
I praise you, Lord, for what I have been given

Now I pray that I will love her
As you have first loved me